Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The first Phase Has been Completed

Today has been a nice sunny cool one with the temps in the low teens (Celsius) so I started working on some outdoor projects. First on the list was an oil change for the generator. That done and the next item on the wheel of outdoor stuff was to make a sawbuck. Being the cheap guy I am I simply took a rather straight birch tree and lopped it down. Then cut into manageable lengths and hauled it over to my workshop. Using the table saw outside (I love portability) I cut the birch into rough 2x4x34 lengths. Lastly I simply assembled the wood into a sawbuck. I don't know how long it will last but with the price being $0.00 I don't really care. 

Tomorrow will be phase two. There are a number of smaller trees that need to be dealt with. Once they are down I plan to chop them up into manageable lengths and take them off to the dump. I'm planning on doing the other right of spring, an oil change and plug gap of the snow blower then an oil change and plug gap plus sharpen the blades on the mower. Yes spring has sprung and the grass has riz so I gotta get off my duff and get things happening. 

I saw that The Donald managed to crush his opposition even though the tried to team up against him. Personally I am not going to get too worked up abut it for a number of reasons the first being I'm Canadian not American. 
The second and major reason I can't get too worked up about trump even though he appears to think he has been sent here from the Gods he doesn't grasp that it's the senior mandarins that actually run the show. They are the ones who selectively carry out the orders. These are the people who for example feed the president the information they want not necessarily what the pres wants. Trump is an outsider that truly doesn't have a clue on how things are run in Washington so if he does get elected.      

Well that's about all from up here north of disorder.

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