Saturday, 9 April 2016

That Sinking Feeling

Yesterday was one of those days where are the end of it I went to bed and couldn't turn my brain off. Some of the issues that kept sleep from me are my insecurities and some of the issues are political. The personal insecurities were thoughts about monetary strategies for a time when (if?) the social pendulum swings so far to the left our investments become at risk.

Being a little bit of a political junkie I was following the NDP "party of the people" convention via twitter last night. I looked at their Socialist Caucus Federal Conference Resolutions and to say they are disturbing is an understatement. Of their 29 resolutions I only have issue with 24 so there is a bit of good, not much but some. In today's Rex Murphy article Mr. Murphy  points out that today's NDP is:
...more of an urban, yuppie, trend-driven faction than the party that once championed the “working class.” The current NDP will get more worked up over “de-gendering the bathroom” than job losses in Alberta, or anywhere else.
Then there are the comments made by their leader Tomas Mulcair has been saying at the convention. Mr. Mulcair is saying that he supports the LEAP Manifesto but it doesn't mean shutting down the oil sands. There is one little line in LEAP that says:

...we want energy sources that will last for time immemorial and never run out or poison the land. Technological breakthroughs have brought this dream within reach. The latest research shows it is feasible for Canada to get 100% of its electricity from renewable resources within two decades; by 2050 we could have a 100% clean economy.
This sure reads a lot like a group who would do away with the oil sands and the jobs of the people who work there. While it is a little less now because of the economic down turn, in 2014 approximately 133,053 people were employed in Alberta’s upstream energy sector which includes oil sands, conventional oil, gas and mining. That is a lot of people who have families to feed

What bothers me is not the radical NDP but the radical Liberals. There is a faction withing the Liberal party that would leap... er... jump at the chance to implement LEAP. 

It bothers me because they are in power and Canadian parties in power love to spend. Something a lot of people don't realise is when you give someones money away to someone else it ain't charity so the giveaways need to be better regulated. I suspect that Canada will be going through the same issues as Sweden during the next decade.

Like Sweden Canada is going to go through a period of pain before returning to a workable balance of free enterprise and socialism. I just hope the metamorphosis isn't one that Canada can't recover from.  

I came across this story about the Saudis Well it looks like the Saudis are on track to double the number of executions over last year. Wow and just think Canada helps by importing 634,000 barrels of crude a day from these guys. To all those who don't like Energy East I say Good Job! 

Well here is some good news. SpaceX has managed to land a rocket on a floating barge after using it to deliver materials to the ISS. While it may be boring to you it is the stuff of science fiction to me. It is a little step in the ability for the human race to get off this mud ball.

Well that's about enough of my rants and ravings from up here north of disorder.

634,000 barrels of crude oil,
634,000 barrels of crude oil,

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