Tuesday, 19 April 2016

See Gun Control Works and Other Sillyness

So there I was looking at a few news stories on the World Wide Web and this jumps out at me.

It appears that some construction workers in rival Chinese construction companies had a little disagreement. Seeing as China have very strict gun control of course they used the next best thing their heavy equipment. It's kinda fun to watch especially the tiny little cars trying to scoot around the action. All that was missing was the cry "Auto-bots Activate!" 

Looks like one of the Senators, Colin Kenny, has got his hand caught in the cookie jar using staffers to take care of his personal tanning business. Now will start the three step process. Step one, act surprised. Step two, look concerned. Steps three deny everything. 

Well as for little old me there are things to see and people to do, er, see and be done by. This afternoon I get to find out how much we owe the tax collector. My how times have changed. Once upon a time being a tax collector meant one's life was in peril every time you set foot outside the castle, today not so much. Somehow I suspect tonight I shall have an intimate rendezvous with a good bottle of 21 year old scotch to ease the pain of the cash-endectomy. I know there are servicies that I receive which I pay for and there are others in need but why must it be a hand out to the needy and not a hand up? I guess it's easier to keep the needy hooked on the handouts so they will vote in favor of whoever will keep the handouts going but it still bugs me. 

Well that's about all from my little slice of the world up here North of Disorder.

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