Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saturday Rambelings

I have told folks on numerous occasions about the 7P principal (Popper Prior Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance) and sure enough I didn't follow my own advice.  One thing I forgot to do last night was turn off my alarm on the cell phone. The result was being accosted in my sleep by this infernal pocket machine. All is good I hardly need more than five or six hours of sleep anyway. 

Today I was going to get some actual work done but... The day is sunny and cool and here I sit at the personal confuser as oppose to being out and about. I would transport the PC out to the deck but it is still a little too cool for that. 

Earlier this fine day I had a text conversation with one of my old friends from where I used to work. For a few moments there it felt like old times but bitching about bosses but as fun as it was that phase of my metamorphosis is done. But it was still nice texting with her. 

One of our old neighbours (F) who moved away last fall dropped by. Being the good host I fed him a beer and we swapped lies for an hour to two. F is one of those instantly likeable guys who just loves to have fun. his wife is a good counter balance to him but she can be crazy too which is fine by me. Knowing that he will probably never see this blog I can, in truth, write that I miss his being around. 

Oh one more little thing before I forget and hang this blog up for the day. This is a public service message to all you wild and wacky Americans. If you are heading north with a hand grenade in your car, even a fake one, don't be too surprised if the customs guy freak a little bit at the sight of it. That is all...

Well that's about all for now from up here North of Disorder.

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