Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sad News

Late yesterday I learned that one of my favourite country singers had passed away. He was a solo artiest and a member of a group known as The Highwaymen. His name was Merle Haggard. He was born on April 6, 1937 and he passes away 79 years later on April 6, 2016. He will be missed...

This morning was a little interesting. As I was finishing the chore of becoming human I received a panic phone call. One of my friends had a card eaten by an ATM machine and needed a little help. Luckily they weren't that far away so I hopped into the grey ghost (I call it that because it is very close to going to car heaven) and made the made dash.  A short time later I got to my buddy's location, paid the bill told my friend that I now owned him then left. Funny how it is with people you have known for a long time. My friend would do just about anything for me and I for him. 

Looking in the news I see that another Canadian merchant of death is exporting death machines. Unlike the weapons sale to the House of Saudi this one was going to a nation that is on the good guy list, England. The Marine unit that is responsible for guarding England's nuclear weapons is changing the rifles that they use for Canadian manufactured ones. Up until now these guys have be stuck with using the SA80 rifle which has been a hunk of junk from the get go. The rifle that will be used is the Colt Canada C8 Carbine

One thing to note about this change is the Royal marines are not the only UK unit to use the Canadian rifles. They are in use by the Royal Military Police, the Pathfinder Platoon of the Parachute Regiment and the United Kingdom Special Forces.

On to other things in the news. 

Think back, way back to the dim, dark days of the 2010 Toronto G 20 summit and the protests.  Well it's back in the news. A class action lawsuit has been given the green light and there are a few nervous people people out there.
"It is important to remember that the police cannot sweep up scores of people just in the hope that one of the persons captured is a person who they believe is engaged in criminal activity," the Appeal Court noted.
So it looks like there will be some explaining to do by the guys in charge and the coppers who got a little carried away. 
The guy that I really want to see on the stand is Liberal MP Bill Blair because he was in charge of it all and has never answered for his actions. Well now it looks like the time has come to pay the piper.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder. 

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