Friday, 22 April 2016

Links Day

The day started as this time of year is want to do by being overcast and grey. I will not say it was a cold day having just finished with winter. Anything above freezing for me is warm and mild. Around here life goes on.  So no sit back and check out these links.
Capt O says "Just sit back and relax while you read these."

I was looking at some links earlier and these little gems caught my eye. It appears that a man ran afoul of the police in a domestic violence case between him and his parrot. I had to read this one twice to understand how some neighbours could have been stupid enough to call the police, telling them there was a domestic disturbance going on.. Remind me one day to talk about solving the do-gooder problem.

Looks like the folks who are building the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have a wee bit of a problem. The aircraft's brain may be busted. Meh, it's only a few billion to fix. It's OK the government presses will simply have to take up the slack and print money faster.  

I remember being with my big brother in a sporting goods store around a decade ago. I was looking at some of the compass selection that was on display and my big brother asked me how they work. As I'm telling him the guy comes by listens for a second then says "Hey you do know about GPS don't ya? It's a lot better than the crap you are playing with." So I looked at him for a moment and asked "So how well does the GPS unit do when it's dropped and hits a rock, lands in the water or the battery fails?" He replied that he always takes care of his gear and then he stalked off in a huff. Well it looks like some folks have caught on to the issue with GPS, it's dumbing us down and getting us used to being tracked. I'm sure George Orwell would approve. Personally I like the KISS value of a compass.

Next time the kids are out playing and there are dust devils maybe you want to be a little concerned. Looking at the photos I think Marry Poppins has nothing on this kid.

Then there is the story of this guy who wanted to get rid of a wasps nest. Luckily for him he didn't make a fuel out of himself

We have all seen the boozers and how much alcohol can damage a person's skin. Well there is a answer for that. 

So this guy breaks into a family members house and goes on a rampage causing $50,000.000 damages. OK it's a lot of stuff that was broken and smashed but the one thing the police left out of their report was the answer to the simple question... Why was he naked? Enqueuing minds want to know.

Do you remember the first rule of fight club? If memory serves it was "The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.. Well the second rule of fight club has been changed. It is now "You do not let your Kindergarten teacher set up fight club so the kids can burn off some energy."

Well that's about all the silliness that I can stand for the day. Until tomorrow that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

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