Monday, 18 April 2016

Links day

Well my chores are mostly done. I have only to go out into the glorious sunshine and do a few errands and that will put paid to the list for another day. Before I head out into the great unknown that is the shopping world (my wife is the shopper, not I)  there is the matter of today's post.

I was looking around the world wide web and one of the things that caught my limited attention span was a story about the love of our monarch the Queen.  Turns out that most Canadians (not I) love our Queen the biggest issue that most have is the question "Who does her hair?" Seriously if the Queen's hair style is the worst thing that can be said about her then the general public are a lot more simple minded than I thought. As the guru (Col Jeff Cooper) once said "We are truly living in the age of the common man."

So you think that when you text, email or talk on a cell phone your communication is private? Well no matter what the various cell phone companies say it just ain't so. Lately the safe and fort Knox secure Blackberry proved not to be that safe. Add to the the police use of stingray to intercept communications and we have a not so safe form of communication. Now comes along another cell phone hack that lets anybody with the right gear access your cell phone and all the data stored inside. So the long and the short of it is to practice operational security. If you don't want to see a copy of your text or a recording of you phone call in the media, don't text or say it on the phone.  

Looks like the Russian game of hard ball is continuing. Last week two fighter bombers buzzed the USS Donald Cook coming within a few dozen meters of the ship. 

Latest reports talk about a Russian fighter aircraft doing a barrel role around an American reconnaissance plane. I will only say one thing these actions are going to get out of hand. It's like two school yard kids taunting each other except these two children have the ability to wipe out all life in this little mud ball we call Earth. 

Well that's about all today from up here North of Disorder.

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