Monday, 11 April 2016

Life is humming along

After a nasty night of staring at the ceiling and trying to prevent our cat from jumping upon my wife I was up later a little than I should have. Looking out I noticed the ground was all covered with a lovely blanket of snow. Memo to those who wanted snow for skiing give it a rest, it's April already. But I digress... I was up just in time to watch as the trash guys  went by. Meh, there wasn't that much anyhow. 

My wife and I went out so she could get funky things ("This will only hurt a bit Ma'am.") done to her back. After that was completed we stopped at a nice little diner for some high fat that's gonna clog you arteries and kill ya good ol' diner food. Personally I actually do watch what I shove into my gaping maw but I'm not religiousness about it. Then it was back to our little roost. 

Upon arriving home I felt like having a coffee so I put on mask, cap, gown and rubber gloves then performed a coffee-maker-endectomy. Low and behold even with my ham fisted repair attempt the coffee maker actually worked. Yes I'm as gob smacked about that as you are. Now I sit sipping java as I write this blog. Life really is good...

From the "Spring has sprung and the grass has riz" department... 

When we arrived back home my wife noticed that some of her crocuses are up while I noticed the first hardy little yellow weed. Looks like it is going to be one of those summers. Oh well... as has been said to me by wiser heads, what's green is green. 

One teensy weensy little thing from the political scene on the weekend...

I noticed a few interesting things on the  political front. This weekends NDP convention has brought down the conservative in socialist clothing leader Thomas Mulcair in a stunning loss to him. It's not really surprising when you look at how much the party lost at the end of the last election while his hand was at the tiller. There are some in the NDP who are not happy about this especially in Alberta. The Albertan NDP are incensed over the LEAP Manifesto. I don't blame them given the 164,000 jobs that will be lost.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

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