Friday, 8 April 2016

First World Problems & Othere Nonsence

I was up and at 'em early this morning because... well I just got up earlier than my normal that's all. After the morning evolution from neanderthal into homo sapient male, went down stairs and made coffee. We have this golly gee whiz bang coffee maker that will do just about anything you need except drink the coffee for you. We picked it up back when my wife and I were making serious coin. Well after having it three years and making countless pots of coffee it looks like the grinder thingy has gone south. I have been forced to (get out the hanky) actually grind the coffee in a separate grinder. Later today I'm going to look under the hood and check the grinder to see if the flux capacitor might have failed.  

It seems that the more advanced an item is the greater the risk of failure. Take my vacuum cleaner. It is a one year old LG that is as advanced as one of the Apollo moon landers. Once again bought before the income scale back. About two and a half weeks ago it died. I was smart enough to have registered it with the company because of the replacement cost and the warranty was five years. So my wife called customer service and I schlepped the vacuum down to the warranty center. I figured it would be a simple matter of leaving it for a couple of days and picking it up fixed. Ya, I forgot the higher the tech the longer the repair time. 

When I spoke with the receptionist/dispatcher/girl Friday I was told that it would be a while. You see the "vacuum repair specialist" only works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the soonest he could look at my technological marvel would be the following Friday but that was Good Friday and he had the day off. OK. Well my other option was to find somebody else and pay for the repair which was not going to happen. So I called on Monday three weeks after I had dropped off the vacuum to see if any progress had been made. Well the "vacuum repair specialist" was off sick and it would be another two weeks before his return. I asked about having another person take a look and was told that they were reluctant to take a service person off the road for this. I suspect this translates into LG doesn't pay as much as their prices are to regular customers. Well I have set a date where I will call back and if it ain't done then I shall have a terse word with the customer service folks at LG. So there!  

On to the real world....

The NDP are having their convention out west this weekend. It is shaping up to be a very interesting match up between the NDP loving union members who mostly work in the oil patch and the activist zealots who want change in the form of LEAP while will destroy the oil patch.

The LEAP Manifesto makes for some very interesting reading. The biggest issue with LEAP is the logistics but there are a lot of celebrities who just love it. These are the people who will not suffer if LEAP comes to be the law of the land. It will be the people caught up in the grinder of job loss, of shortages of food and of other necessities

One of the first things I noticed about LEAP is how they intend to pay for implementation. The words that are used are "aggressive taxation." one thing the rocket scientists are forgetting is the tendency of people to actually want to keep more of what they earn. There has already been one billionaire who has moved out of Canada taking all his wealth, including the jobs he created, with him. How many more will join him? When billionaires leave the bottom line for taxes tends to change. 

Well that's about all from here North of Disorder.

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