Thursday, 21 April 2016

Drum Roll Please...

Being the political news junkie that I am I have been loosely following the trial of Senator Duffy. Ya I know boring but for me it's entertaining to see how the masses want to storm the castle with their clubs and pitch forks as I am seeing this morning.. 

Senator Duffy is the one on the right.

 So far the presiding judge has found him not guilty on the first two of the over two dozen charges. It's looking a lot like the townsfolk are going to have to take down the cross and dismantle the bonfire that they so badly wanted to burn him at the stake on.

As for me the issue that has been bugging me recently has flared up so today I will be taking a rest and sucking back several pain killers to deal with it. I should have known better to go play golf with a stuck dime sized kidney stone. But it has been such a long winter and the course so beckons to me...

That's about all from up here north of disorder.

Addendum... Well the verdict is in and Mr. Duffy walked on all 31 charges. As I write this I am sure that the prosecution team is out somewhere looking for a warm bath and a few razor blades.

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