Thursday, 14 April 2016

A day of Change

I woke up with the alarm this morning. Alarm? Me a retired guy with an alarm? Yep, things to do and places to see. I was off to the big smoke aka the city of Toronto for lunch with a friend. I have got to say it was a gorgeous day for it. Wall to wall sun and a temperature that I didn't have to measure in Kelvin. 

The drive down was not so bad until I got to the outskirts then silliness ensued. From the border of the city to my destination downtown took 45 minutes since it was all stop and go, well actually mostly stop. Remember to get to the outskirts from my abode took an hour and fifteen on the highway and then it was stop, go, stop, go.... I had not been downtown in a while, years actually and I had forgotten how stressful  the drive was. 

I met my old friend R at his place, a beautiful seniors residence and after chatting a bit we went out for lunch. That was when the fun began. I am a big fan of making sure not to fail the 7P principal* whenever I can and that was what this lunch was all about, planning. Next month we are going to visit his trailer for a few days. Get in some sailing, do some chores maybe a camp fire or two and the planning for that grand adventure started today. 

*7P Principal... Proper Planning Prevents Prevents Piss Poor Performance

With the details sorted out  (timings, food, etc.) it was back to his place. I picked up some gear that he had asked me to bring. The issue is that he has lost his drivers license and doesn't have a car any more so things like his outboard motor and cooler came with me. I also took his pressure washer because he wanted me to look at it. I warned him that I knew nothing about pressure washers but what the hell. 

The drive home was a bit of a chore again the heavy traffic was a serious factor. It was an hour just to get out of the city using the express way. When I left the city behind it felt like the world was taken from my shoulders. If you would have told me, a city boy born and raised, that I would come to despise that ants nest I would have laughed in your face.

After my arduous  journey (window down, tunes blaring) when I finally reached my safe harbor it was time for my happy hour. For some that means having a couple of drinks but for me it means having a nap. When I returned from the Land of Nod I went on Facebook to check out what my distant friends were up to. Same old, same old... Looking at the various posts I started thinking what the hell am I wasting my time looking at this stuff for?  How many posts about what a person had for lunch or other such drivel can I look at? Well that ended this afternoon. I downloaded a copy of all the things I had on Facebook then killed my account. I suspect over the next few days there will be the withdrawal issues but I will deal with it.

On tomorrows agenda is my utility trailer. Novice as I am I plan to chase the wires to see where they are pinched. After doing all the checked I could pinched wires look to be the only thing left. The weathertainers are calling for a nice warm sunny day. I only hope that Mother Nature cooperates.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.        

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