Friday, 13 October 2017

The latest from away...

Well the travels so far have been... entertaining,  sometimes magic sometimes not so much. It's only now that I've found a way to get a post out. I'm sorry but no pictures for now, that's for when I get home. 

When we arrived at Iceland the transfer to the hotel was simple but when we arrived at the hotel it was a little bit strange. The front desk was closed and we were locked out. After the door bell was hit a few times the front desk clerk shuffled in. We got checked in and shown to the building where our room was. Here I was with a bad back and of course our room was on the third floor and there was no elevator. Sigh. 

Roaming around Iceland was cool. The folks were super friendly and helpful.  The food was good but since we didn't leave the city we missed a lot. When we were at the airport leaving for Paris my wife and I decided we would return and do do some day excursions. 

I'll post more tomorrow when I can,  bye bye from Europe.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The countdown is on

In a little more than twenty four hours my wife and I will be out bound for a holiday abroad. Our first stop is Iceland where we will spend a couple of days. Then we are off to the land of french wines and cheeses, Paris France. After a weekend there it's on to Germany where we will link up with some old friends and family.

If it were not for the condition of my back I would be looking forward to it. 

A few days ago as part of the fall/winter preps I picked up four bags of salt for the water softener. I eventually brought the four bags, weighing in at fifty pounds each, into the house and stored them in the basement. The seventeen year old mind had no issues with just slinging the bags over a shoulder and bringing them in. Meanwhile the sixty three year old body was of another opinion. The end result was that I blew out my back and I'm presently in a world of pain and have been for the last few days. 

I've been taking muscle relaxers and putting ointment on, and heat on, and stretching, and suffering. In the past when I've done this it's taken a week or so to heal. Now I'm trying to heal up in a couple of days. With a mere twenty fours to go things ain't looking pretty. I'm not looking forward to the flight sitting in an economy seat for five hours plus. On the plus side there are public hot springs about a half a block from our hotel...

Putty Tat is on vacation too...
Yesterday I had the sad duty of taking our cat over to a friend's place. Our friend S has volunteered to look after Putty Tat for us while we are away. She is also going to visit our place every couple of days to keep an eye on it. Last night was a little strange for me. It was the first time in a few decades we haven't had a cat prowling around.

Today is a getting ready day. Laundry is on and we are going to clean the house. Well in reality I will do as much as I can but it will be my wife that does a majority of the work. To say this bugs me is a vast understatement. 

Anyway things to do and all that. 

Over the next few weeks blogging will be scarce depending on the free wi-fi that I can find. For me to blog from Europe on my dime would cost a fortune so just bare with me. 

Until next time, when ever that might be, bye-bye.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Fall has fallen

Fall has done just that, fall at least temperature and weather wise. This new season has brought with it a serious drop in temperature going from a high at the start of the week in the eighties to today with things in the fifties. Add to this joy today's rain and moderately high winds and it has been very nasty outside all day. 
Just a nasty day...
Today, nasty as the outside was, we went out to the wannabe big town to pick up a few things. Two last items on the list to take with us in our travels on Monday. The clock is ticking down. Monday we get to hop on the big bird and leave for Iceland. We will be there for a couple of days then it's off to sample the pastry in France for a few days and after that we get to spend time with friends and family in Germany. I suspect the drunk fairy will come out and tap me in the head a few times with his two by four wand but I'm looking forward to it all the same.

This weekend we have a bucket of things to get done so there will be no blog posts. I'll try to post again on Monday but I promise nothing. I'm not taking the personal confuser with me and my Galaxy Note is a bitch to blog from but we shall overcome as best we can. So to all of you out there have a good weekend. Bye for now.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

"One of those days"

Yesterday was "one of those days" where it would have been better not to have gotten out of bed. I was up and at 'em at the normal time, had coffee and some cereal then a look at the news. Just a regular day. At the appointed time my lovely wife scooted off for an appointment and I was home... alone. 

I took a look at the to-do list and thought how the week was slipping away. Top of the list was getting the outdoor stuff put away. What this means is playing mule and moving the stuff under cover to the back deck. Simple... 

First came the two new love seats and the coffee tables. By the time they were in place and covered my back was giving me a tinge which I failed to listen too. Hey, I'm a guy, it's what I do. Hell anyone will tell you that pain is just weakness leaving the body. Well by the time I took the other four heavy muskoka chairs and their accompanying tables to the back and stored them I was in mortal agony.

When my lovely wife came home we went out for a little shopping. There were a few last minute things we wanted to get for the trip. Of course with the getting in and out of the truck the pain only got worse. I finally broke down when we got home and took some pain killers to kill the pain before the pain killed me. So now I'm a little hobbled in what I can do as the old back heals up, 

On a side note, something I noticed while we were looking at gifts in town that really annoyed the hell out of me. This:
Yesterday it was the twenty sixth of September and when when we entered the shop the employees were merrily working away putting out Christmas stuff. It's more than a month away from Halloween  and they are getting ready for Christmas? It was in the eighties temp wise and they are putting out Santa? OK enough with the rant, please forgive me, let's just say it was the pain talking. 

Speaking of pain I'm going to go and take some pain killers so I can function because there are things to do, places to go as it were. Bye for now.


Monday, 25 September 2017

Fall heat wave...

As weekends go this past one wasn't to shabby. Strangely for this time of year we are in the middle of a heat wave. These past few nights it's been warm enough to have the air conditioning on where it should be at least ten degrees Celsius colder.

Saturday found us up north at the Bro-in-law's trailer. It's in a little trailer park on a very small lake. The new trailer they have is as opulent as some homes I've been in over the years and yes I'm a little bit jealous. 

When we got to the trailer the Bro-in-law had a couple of guests, S&J, who were partaking of the trailer park scene. S&J are wonderful conversationalists and this visit did not bring that fact into disrepute.

Hard to believe this is fall
Of course the Bro-in-law's little bundle of joy had to take us on the grand tour of the park. We played on a "pirate ship" made puzzles, shot a round of mini put and some basket ball hoops. We had a grand old time thanks to our little three year old tour guide.
After dinner we got to do one of my favorite things, sit and jaw around a camp fire. All in all we had a very nice visit. One of the special things was that our Sis-in-law J and her eldest H made the long trek up to the trailer. I really wasn't expecting them because she worked all day as did H and they were going back early on Sunday to work. Anyway I'm glad they came up for one simple reason, Sis-in-law J is just plain fun to be around. 

Sunday was a mostly quiet day because of the heat. The hottest part of Canada was at Canadian Forces Base Borden which is a stone's throw away on a map. We were going to do a fire in the evening but with the temp hot enough to melt lead we went to plan B. Our friend S came over in the evening and we drank ice cold wine while enjoying the cool evening air outside. 

One to other things... 

A short time ago I was looking at getting rid of some clutter on my tablet so I down loaded an app called CC Cleaner. Then over a few weeks I noticed some strange things start to happen. My spam started to escalate, I found that somehow I had accounts on some very unrepeatable sites. turns out that CC Cleaner installed some malware and I got hacked. Well I was up this morning and sorted all that out including wiping the tablet and reinstalling everything as well as changing a whole host of passwords. So if you have used or are using CC Cleaner on your phone or tablet the only way to deal with the issue is to wipe the device and reinstall everything. The normal antivirus apps don't do a thing. 

And on that happy note I leave you until the morrow. Bye for now... 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Old verses bold mushroom pickers

One of the nice things about living in the country is the pleasant surprises one gets. Today my wife and I went to the semi big city. She had an appointment to keep and I wanted to do a little shopping. When we left the house she smiled and exclaimed "Look shaggy manes!" 

Now for those who don't know it, shaggy manes are wild mushrooms that are very edible and go great with steak. The only issue here was there weren't enough to make a real feed so it wasn't worth harvesting them. The game plan, as per my wife, is to let them spore and harvest them later. Personally I'm not a big mushroom fan unless they are fried well but my wife loves them. 

I take my cue from my wife's experience in all things mushroom. As my Father-in-law would say "There are old mushroom pickers and there are bold mushroom pickers but there are no old and bold mushroom pickers." So if she says leave them be, I don't have a problem with that. When we do get around to picking it becomes a time sensitive issue, they need to be blanched upon being picked ASAP.Then if there's enough they will get flash frozen for eating later.

Well that's the extent of my excitement for now. I'll post more on the morrow. Until then, bye-bye.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Living the comfortable life

I've been finding as time goes on that I like the comfortable life with no major challenges where, for the most part, I can do as much or as little as I want. Yesterday as an example the highlight of my day was traveling into town with my wife. She had to get medications and I needed to pick up some water softener. 

While in town we stopped and had some lunch at a little diner called the "Hasty Tasty." The Hasty is one of those places when you walk in and sit down, you feel comfortable which is what I like. The diner has been around since the thirties with very little change in the way of menu or decor.

The later afternoon crowd at the Hasty Tasty
Today started with overcast skies and rain. It's been a rather drab day so far. Aside from roaming the world wide web I've really been doing nothing. Whenever I get around to it I have to bring in the four fifty pound bags of salt for the softener. It's on the agenda so eventually it will get done. 

Oh I almost forgot, today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. So in the spirit of the day...

I do hope ye enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day 'n don't forget t' incorporate pirate natter into all yer natters. 'til omorrow bye-bye.