Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A rainy day in April

We managed to get a lot done yesterday. I cleared up a lot of the leafs and other assorted debris from around the big pine and from the front of the smaller garden. One lucky thing was finding the pin I had lost the day before. I had fears that one of these days I would hit it with the lawn mower. My wife is showing a lot more resilience than I thought she would. I know with the back issues she has she is always in pain but she managed to clear out all the crap from the little garden. 

My little workhorse behind which is the little garden
where my wife has been toiling.

Today the clouds have moved in and a short time ago it started to rain. I'm not a fan of working outside in the rain and that goes double for my wife, Today the objective is to get the storm windows off and the screens on and I'll do that after lunch. Aside from the windows my game plan is to relax.

Goodbye until tomorrow.

Monday, 24 April 2017

It must be spring, the frogs can't be wrong

This past weekend was as nice as a guy could want. Sunny skies, mild enough for a guy to be without a jacket, all in all it was nice. We got a good start on the garden with clearing out a lot of the left over winter crap and corruption. I took numerous trips to the compost pile dragging the cart, which was full to the brim, by the lawn mower

It's nice to have a hoist so I don't have to bother
removing the deck.
The lawn tractor got a bit of babying. I had it up on the hoist and took the blades off and gave them a few passes with the bastard file. I was surprised, I thought there would be some serious dings in the blades from all the stuff I hit while cutting the lawn but they weren't in bad shape.
One of these days I'm going
to have to spring for some
real files.
After dinner last night I rounded up the trash and got it all ready. With the trash all bundled up and the recyclables sorted I muled  the stuff to the curb. While I was outside I stopped for a moment and listened to a chorus of frogs. This was a sound I had not heard since last summer and I missed it. Well if the frogs are out and sounding off it must be spring.

Well today, as per the weathertainers, is going to be a nice one so I'm going to be doing yard work. Even though I took great pains dealing with the leafs last fall there's still a lot of them on the ground.  

Will post more if anything of interest comes up otherwise I'll post tomorrow. Bye for now.

Friday, 21 April 2017


Late in the day yesterday I finally thought to check the phone for any voicemails. I did this as I normally do, by remote control. The technique was simple, all I had to do was say "Honey, are there any voicemails on the phone?" and in a short time I had the answer and the phone in my hand. 

The first voicemail was from the folks where we get our pig and pig roast paraphernalia from. I took the risk of playing the dreaded phone tag and called the owner back. We had a delightful conversation and gave her the information she needed for the booking. The second voicemail was from our cleaning lady. She was trying to work through some logistical nightmares and asked (begged) me if it would be OK to change the date of their visit. Of course being the compassionate guy I am I said yes. 

I wonder what we did before voicemail, it's been around for so long. Heck what did we do before email, texting and all the other modern ways to communicate? Well I'm going to be gritting my teeth and making some calls over the next few days inviting some friends and family for the upcoming party. I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to leave a few voicemails of my own. 
Overcast all morning. Well at least the weekend looks good
so get out and enjoy it.
Posting will resume on Monday. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Off to the dentist

Today was a travelling kinda day were my lovely wife and I had to make the trip down to the dentist. The ride down wasn't that bad as was the ride home. I've learned the secret to driving in traffic... let my wife who has the patients of  a saint take the wheel. 

One thing that hasn't changed for me is that I am a horrible passenger. I don't know what's worse the death grip on the chicken handle while trying to look all calm and collected or biting my tongue trying not to make comments about the person being the wheel who has my life in her hands. To add to this quandary is that I can't really close my eyes because I get motion sick. Actually lucky for me my wife is a pretty good driver. 

Just looking at these made my mouth water.
It was good seeing the gang at the dentist. I'm lucky to have found these guys so long ago they are funny and caring with genuine concern about their patients well being.  

One  of the other things I like about visits to the dentist is after we are done we make to visit to a deli that's a stone's throw away. It's a good old fashioned German deli with all the good stuff including sweets. I could not resist picking up a box of Topkuss choco puffs. They are just a wonderful confection that will send a guy's sugar into low earth orbit. While we were there we also picked up the fixings for a nice German dinner which is on the stove as I write this.

A nice thing about not driving is I can photograph
all the pretty colours.
Once the deli was picked over to our satisfaction we hauled butt for home. By this time rush hour had started so the drive wasn't as quick as the tone coming down. 

Another reason for the slower drive was the rain. While we were in getting teeth cleaned the clouds opened up and  the world was subject to a downpour. Well it is April after all and on the plus side the showers in April, so I am told, lead to May flowers.
This is my kinda traffic. One minute from home.

Well we are home again, dinner's almost ready so I will end this here and now. Until tomorrow bye-bye.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Power Fist...

Power Fist, some of the best
products Chinese slave labor
can produce.
Yesterday I hitched a ride into the semi big town with my wife, while she was getting worked on I went over to Princess Auto. I wanted to see if they had the part I needed to fix the trailer electrical hook up. After walking up and down the isles for a while I managed to fine the item I needed. The only problem with the part was it happened to be made in China by Power Fist. I had been hoping they would have a North American made part but after asking a stock guy I found out I was out of luck. I stared at it for a few moments, ah so close yet so far. Even though the price was right at $26 bucks I decided to take a pass. I've used Power Fist products before but they are sketchy. If luck is with you they are bullet proof, if not they last only a few days or sometimes a few hours. The last thing I wanted was to go through the hassle of installing this thing and have it fail on the first dump run.

I took a drive around the block to another place that specializes in trailer and car parts. All I wanted was the dame little junction box and of course it comes as part of a unit. This means I have to remove all the old wiring and splice in the new stuff. I said the hell with it and forked over the $71 bucks and  walked out grumbling. 

I went over and picked up my wife and we skedaddled for home. At home I turned on the personal confuser and, figuring if a picture is worth a thousand words a video must be worth a million, I went on line and checked out how to to the install. I watched the video several times and copied it to my tablet so I would have the resource at hand during the procedure.

Then came the moment of truth...

I went through the procedure step by step until I got stuck. The issue was the interior side panels at the rear of the truck. I started to pull the passenger side unit off and the first two clips came away without issue. The next clips became a bitch to pop. I pulled a little more and sure enough the panel started to crack so I stopped. I went into the house for a coffee and thought about the situation. After a few minutes of thinking about it I decided to reassemble what I had taken off and hold off on the install. 

The next time I get the chance I'll take the beast into the shop and let the people who have gone to school and trained to be wrench turners take care of it. I figure I'm still ahead of the game because originally I was expecting the issue to be with the steering column wiring and that's serious bucks. 

Well that's all I got for now so bye-bye from my little hunk of paradise. As always, if something interesting comes up I will post.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

I dodged a bullet...

Yesterday was a good day by all accounts. After I posted the daily blog I went out and loaded up the truck with the summer tires. Then I was at the personal confuser on Twitter because I was way to early to leave. Before I knew it the time to depart had come and I was outbound. While the truck was in the shop I told my guy about the turn signal/dash light issue. The service guy took the truck and put it on the hoist and I went to grab a little lunch.

While I was munching away I get a text from my wife. The doc's office had called and of course I was out at the shop. The paperwork I needed was in the truck which was on a hoist. I told her I would go over to the doc's office when the truck was finished. I finished lunch and went back to the shop. The truck had the summer tires on and the tech was looking at the wiring. Seeing it was ten to four and four o'clock was the closing time at the doc's office I retrieved the needed paperwork from the truck and hoofed it to see the doc. Lucky for me the doc's office was only a short distance away.

I got there with a few minutes to spare and told the kind lady at reception my tail of sadness. She, in turn, gave me the paperwork I needed for another x-ray and set up an appointment. I bid the lady a fond farewell and hoofed it back to the shop to get my truck back.

When I got back the the shop I chatted with the tech who had worked on the truck. He told me that after I left he had tried to start the truck and had a problem. Oh good I thought, when I walked in I thought the bill was going to be simple and small now I was starting to have the sinking feeling this was going to cost big bucks. So the tech tells me one of the ignition wires had been chewed ninety percent through by mice and when he took the lead off the it had fallen apart. So there I was listening for the “and the extra cost of this is” punchline. The tech told me he salvaged the wire by doing a splice so it should be good, smiling he said I had dodged a bullet. Then the tech told me the light issue in the truck was the trailer wiring junction box. With the age of the truck he figured that I would ask for it to be bypassed which was what he had done. He then offered to order a replacement and told me he or I could do the install. It took a moment to realise I wasn't going to be paying an arm, leg and torso for all this. Another problem I thought was going to be serious bucks and was surprised to learn it wasn't.

Now the trailer wiring junction box is top of the to-do list because I need the trailer sooner rather than later. Being the cheap... er, frugal guy I am I'll do the install myself. With that in mind I'm going to accompany my wife this afternoon to the semi big city. While she gets here stuff done I'm going to pick up a replacement. If the weather is OK when we get home I'll install it. If not then I will do the work when the opportunity comes.

Well that's it for now. I'm off to the races as it were. Until tomorrow bye for now.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Time to Flip the switch and go to summer mode

Hi gang, it's been a while. I hope your Easter was better than the one I just had. Saturday was a sit around the house and drink lots and lots of water day. Saturday/Sunday overnight was a pain filled, fun event that saw little sleep and Sunday... Well let's just say it was not a happy day. 

I had made the mistake Saturday night of not taking any pain killers so I might have had a total of three hours of slumber. With very little sleep and feeling like something that had just emerged from under a rock, I sent my wife away to my sister-in-laws place for Easter dinner. I figured why should her day be ruined because I'm an idiot. Last night wasn't too bad, after sucking on a pair of extra strength Tylenol with codeine I actually managed nine whole hours of sleep. It's too bad that codeine is so damn addictive, it makes sleep very easy.

This week I'm resuming my transfer to spring/summer mode. I've already completed the oil change and redeployment of the snow blower to the rear shed. Now comes the ritual changing of the tires for the truck. Being the lazy guy I am and since it's time for an oil change anyway, I'll be bringing the truck into the shop too get these two birds taken care of with one stone. 

Also on the  seasonal change over list is the taking down of the interior storm windows which I'm not looking forward to. Added to this will be the simple tasks of setting the humidifier into summer mode and changing the furnace filter. Later this week when I feel a little more up to it and the weather is cooperative I'm going to start cleaning up the winter debris then it will be over seeding, weeding and feeding the lawn. I figure the raking will be a day or three and the rest will be a couple of hours.

Getting back to the now, today when I'm in town I'm planning on stopping by the doctor's office and setting up a follow-up appointment. Earlier this morning I gave them a call with little success so now it's time for a little bit of leaning on them.

Well that'd be it from me today. Unless something earth shattering happens I shall blog again upon the morrow. Until then, bye-bye.