Thursday, 18 January 2018

New shiny

I was going to get my blood work done this morning, so I was up at the crack of nine thirty(ish). After doing the shower thing and making my appearance look semi human I got the morning chores out of the way. Cat fed and coffee on I gave my wonderful wife a peck on the cheek, and was out the door.

I arrived at the industrial vampire's office, looked inside and gave a small sigh. The place was packed. I had forgotten the golden rule for blood work, go early or after lunch because a lot of old geezers ladies and gentlemen go just after they get up which is between ten and noon. One thing I have learned is the lab coated blood suckers are quick, so I only cooled my jets for a half hour.

Standing around awaiting the arrival of my new shiny
Down a pint, I left Dracula's monastery and headed for the semi big city. It was time to visit Cabala's and pick up a new shiny that I'd ordered. The shiny was a twenty to seventy power spotting scope. Being the lazy and cheap guy I am, I bought the scope because it was drastically marked down, so I saved a bucket of cash. On the lazy side of the equation the scope will save me walking when I go to the range. On the range I punch holes in paper at a hundred yards but until now didn't have a way to see where I was hitting. This meant firing a five round group then doing the hundred yard mosey to go check things out. Now I'll simply put up four or five targets at a time since I will be able to inspect them from the comfort of my bench.

My new shiny all set up and ready to go
I got very lucky with the new scope. The scope didn't come with a tripod. A tripod is just something else the store can suck a person into buying. Where I was lucky was at Christmas my Bro-in-law P and his lovey wife J gave me a tripod to use for photography with my cell phone. I checked the mountings and found the tripod was a perfect match for the spotting scope. It was like they were made for each other.

Next up it the list of things to acquire is a game camera. I've seen some stuff posted over at Joel's blog and I'm impressed. I figure at the very least it will show what goes on after we go to bed. 

Well that's about all I got for now, so until the morrow... be seeing you. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Links day

Not too much happening on the home front this wonderful winter day. I was up and at 'em bright and early, or at least my version of early. Hey, ten thirty EST in the morning is early in other places like, say... Vancouver you know.  After getting ready for the day and checking the news feed, my emails etc. I went over to get a blood test done. 

Upon arrival at the house of industrial vampires, I steeled myself for what was to come, got out of the truck and boldly walked to the clinic door. Locked, damn. There were two signs one that warned of falling snow and ice the other alerting potential clients that the place was closed for the day at noon. I looked at my watch, it was twelve twenty... double damn.

Oh well I had another stop to do, check my lottery tickets. I made the quick trip across the street to a little convince store and bought a couple of quick picks. Then I checked the tickets I had. Much to my surprise, I had a winner in my hand. I had won the grand sum of seven dollars and now I had a serious decision to make, should I reinvest in another lottery ticket, blow all the cash or invest it and live off the interest. After the clerk handed me another quick pick, I headed for home.

So went my day... Now for you, I have a few links you may or may not want to look at. I found them while perusing the web and since they interested me I figured I would share.  

I noted the other day that my friend Joel over at TUAK was having trouble with his chickens again. Personally, I think all he needs to do is up his game with a new hen house, but that's just me. 

The shape of things to come is coming sooner than anyone has thought.  Not to be outdone, Ford is still in the hunt as well.

And now in the spy versus spy department we have this little gem. On the plus side he has been caught. On the negative side is the loss that took place before he was caught.

The other day I was looking at some American political stuff. One of the comments that caught my eye was “I still believe Trump is better than the alternative.” This may be so however these graphics beg the question, if Trump was the best choice how much worse would Clinton have been?

Just the other day I was whining about the cold. After seeing this I may not be whining as much. By the way right now it's 19 deg F where I am in Southern Ontario and in Memphis Tennessee it's 19 deg F. 🙂

“We found the location of the hackers, sir.” General calmly looks up and says “Very good, please send the coordinates to missile command and launch.” 

A few years ago I read an interesting book by a guy named Gwynne Dyer. The book was titled Climate Wars and is one I highly recommend. The book deals with the geopolitical and social impact of climate change on the world. I read this story and thought that this was exactly the type of situation he was predicting. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A lovely winter day

It's been one of those snowy, sunny, snowy, sunny kinda days. My lovely wife and I were going to venture out to the semi big city. She for an appointment to get some needle work done and me, so I could just get out of the house. Seeing the traffic reports and road conditions put paid to this idea. We have come to the conclusion that it's not worth the risk, if things outside are bad we stay in unless it's an emergency.  Sooner rather than later we will have to venture out, we are down to our last pound of coffee and after that's gone I suspect that things will get a wee but tense around here. My wife and I are alike in this regard, if we can't have a brew in the morning we get really, really ugly. 

Lunch done I took care of the dishes the old-fashioned way, I loaded the dishwasher, put in some soap and turned it on. After basking in the glow of achievement I went to the basement to check on the water softener, to make sure it had enough salt.

While down there I noticed a drip coming from the HRV and I remembered a fall task that I had forgotten to do, service the unit. I grabbed a step ladder and went to open the side of the HRV, every nerve tingling because I expected to get drenched in ice-cold water. I got lucky there wasn't the expected large pool of H2o, so I took out the filter then went and cleaned it.

After reinstalling the filter I found that the problem with the dripping water was still there, so I had a look at the drain hoses. The guy who had installed the plastic hose drain had curved the hose into an air trap by making a look and in doing so over time the hose had kinked. I removed the loop shorted the hose and put it back together but the kink was still obstructing the water flow. I took the section of hose off then went to the kitchen and gave the plastic ten seconds in the microwave. This softened the hose up nicely and I used my Leatherman to make the kink to go away. I put the hose assembly back together so now the hose was a straight run to the sump. Low and behold removing the kink and the loop in the plastic hose solved the problem.

That's it for me so until tomorrow bye-bye.

Monday, 15 January 2018

The weekend that was

This past weekend is dead and gone. Weather wise there was a bit of a drop in the temp from Friday's plus seven to Saturdays minus twenty seven. There was no real reason to venture forth, so I didn't. I chose to cocoon in the warmth of our humble home and be warm, so sue me. 

Our watch cat on guard
Over the weekend the only “exciting” things that happened were our watch cat saving us from a vicious marauding squirrel that tried to scratch its way into the living room.

Our watch cat staring down
the big bad squirrel
Then there was Facebook... On Saturday I was looking at some old photos on my personal confuser when I stumbled upon a few from where I worked when I still did that horrible work for a living thing. One I came upon was a funny meme that I had made of a fellow whom I greatly respect, R de C. I thought what the heck and sent him a friend request on FB and much to my surprise he accepted. Not only did he accept but a few minutes after I commented upon one of his posts another former coworker, MS, sent me a friend request. I thought about it for a few minutes and then I figured what the hell and accepted. 

While MS was one of the supervisors I once worked for, he wasn't one of the bad guys. Well, we shall see how this goes. There are others who are on FB that I'm not really wanting to interact with so if this gets silly I'll be hitting the unfriend icon.

That's about enough of this mental meandering for now, so until the morrow I bid you adieu...

Friday, 12 January 2018

All's quiet on the Northern front...

Today is one of those days weather wise, a day not fit for man or beast to be out and about. Overnight the temps dropped through the floor. Right now there is a flash freeze warning in effect, the rain has stopped and it's started to snow. I was going to go into town and do blood work after I got up but that didn't happen. On the plus side my driveway was clear of the ice stuff so out of the darkness there is one little ray of light after all.

Well, I guess it could always be worse.
Since there is absolutely nothing going on, here are a few links I came across on my tour of the World Wide Web on this horrible fine day. 

A report says Canadians want to fight climate change on the cheap. Well I can certainly understand where this is coming from being a cheapskate lover of mother earth. 

It is starting to look like Canada's economic star is going to dim a bit. Not surprising with the hikes in minimum wage and all the other factors various in play.

Since there isn't enough sin to tax, lets think about broadening the pool to include other things like food.

Looking out the window at the rain/ice mix I would just love to take a trip down south maybe to Mexico... not. Another option would be to visit the not so United States and hope while I was down there not to get sick. Or I could forgo a visit to these places and stay in Canada where at least our leader doesn't call third world countries shit holes

I'm going to leave you with one last link. Around a week ago it was revealed that there was a serious flaw with CPU chips made by Intel. A couple of days later a firmware patch came along and the world was saved. Well not so fast on that world being saved thing, you may want to run the next set of updates that will be coming along shortly.

Well I think that's enough from me for now. Remember no blog on the weekend, see you Monday. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Just another day

Everything's melting....
Today has been quiet... too quiet. The temps climbed overnight and now it's a balmy eight degrees Celsius and everything's melting. The ladies were in so the house is all sparkling clean again which is always nice. While the ladies were slaving away upstairs, I was working out downstairs. Today marks the third day in a row that I have worked out for a half hour. I do ten minutes of weights and then twenty on the recumbent bike.

My lovely wife went into town for a few things and when she returned I went out for a few other things. Relax we're not fighting, I just didn't feel like traipsing around a big box food store. And where I had to go, she didn't want to. 

Before going anywhere I got the snow, or in this case, slush thrower out. The town plow guy had left a low wall of ice mush at the end of the driveway. I figured that when things refreeze I don't want to have acquired a jackhammer to clear up the mess. Clearing out the mess at the end of the driveway took around twenty long, hard, minutes. The stuff at the end of the driveway was thick and chewy and slippery, very slippery. I had to use a little body English because half the time the tires were just spinning on the slippery surface. 

In case you were wondering, and who hasn't, how
warm it's been that little patch in this pic is lawn.
I know it's over the septic tank but it's still lawn.

Then it was off to the store where there was a package I had to pick up. At Christmas, we were lucky enough to have a rich bro & sis-in-law give us a SodaStream. I ordered a pack of extra bottles for it and now I had to pick them up. Two other little things I knocked off while I was at the store, I picked up some stamps and I mailed my membership renewal to the gun club. Now I just hope it gets there before I get hit with late fees.

Yes you could say this was just another day at home.   

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

And now a pause for the weather...

This morning I awoke with sun streaming through the bedroom window. It was lightly cloud covered and very mild outside. Looking at my handy communications device AKA the cellphone, I checked what the weathertainers had to say about this not so winter like situation. Of course there was another spat of doom and gloom on the horizon. Being the strong silent type that I am, I managed to resist pulling the covers over my head and retreating back to the land of nod.
If the weathertainers are right, we will have some
freezing rain by tomorrow.
 A few days ago we were in a bit of a deep freeze. Temps were getting into the serious section of the thermometer dropping down to minus thirty range. Add to this the windchill factor and things were getting seriously frosty. That was so last week because now the temps are in the plus range and the snow fall that's the weathertainers are predicting will be falling in a liquid form. Yes that's right kids, the prognostication is for rain today and tomorrow. 

The latest prognostication

There really isn't anything new in their being a little rain in January. In years past this temperature spike was commonly known as a January thaw. These days the spike is seen and is being used as another sign of climate change by the rabid, Volvo driving environmental crowd. After all any port in a storm as they say. Personally I don't know if it's climate change, global warming or just another phase of a cycle that the planet has been going through for millennia. I've seen way too much evidence to support both sides of this environmental doom coin so as for me I will just carry on doing what I've been doing, recycling, using less electricity and generally trying my best to reduce my footprint on Terra firma. As for everybody else, I am not my brothers keeper.

New shiny

I was going to get my blood work done this morning, so I was up at the crack of nine thirty(ish). After doing the shower thing and making...