Saturday, 21 January 2017

No boom today...

The left's punishment of an inanimate object
for Trump's win
Since the American election it's been rather interesting as an outsider watching the snowflakes on the left go through their tantrums. For them Trump is unworthy to be in the oval office. 

Lets not forget the left's prognostications of doom and gloom. To listen and read some of the stuff written one would think his arrival was the opening phase of Armageddon. The left forgets two things, he came to be in office via the democratic process and people rise to the occasion.

Yes, yes I know all about the suspected Russian involvement. Well it looks like they are as afraid of Trump as the left wing snowflakes are although not in the same way.

It's been twenty four hours since Donald Trump was sworn in and the world is still intact, there has been no boom. As Susan Inanova* once said "No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow"

Like the fictional space station Babylon 5, here on this big old rock we all live on there's always a boom tomorrow. But until that boom effects me I will be here North of Disorder enjoying today. 

* Fictional character on a TV show called Babylon 5.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Butt draging...

I've been rather lethargic so far today, not sure if it's from external or internal issues. Internally, I had to take some melatonin last night and that could (but probably isn't) still be working it's way out. Externally it could be the effect of how I feel about what's going on south of the border. Today marks the turning of the first page of the second chapter in the dystopian novel we are living right now thanks to the American voters.   

Here's a pretty sunrise for you to show that things aren't that bad...
I managed to get the basement squared away late yesterday and now that it's all cleaned up there's the little matter of dragging out my ice fishing gear. Silly, silly me I wasn't even thinking about it when I put the stuff away. Why am I thinking about it now? A little earlier I got an email from my bro W about some of the logistics for the up coming "Boys politically incorrect get away." Looks like the trip is shaping up to be a good time. Personally I still would rather spend the time in Vagas where the only ice to worry about is in our drinks, but hey that's just me.  

Today's Links

All I have to say about this is it's a good thing the British cops don't generally carry guns... 

I never did like that Hitchcock movie called The Birds so I shall not be visiting Ottawa any time in the near future.

Ah WW2, the gift the keeps on giving. But meanwhile at the film shoot, the show must go on.

The more people agitate to raise the minimum wage the more of this we will see

I guess this guy thought he had checked in at the Ritz Carlton

One small step for man, one little high for mankind.   

Having had the experience of working in the military I think the reports are greatly exaggerated. The most likely reason for this was so they could have a pee break.  

Looks like somebody is finally getting a handle on our Prime Minister of sunny ways. 

Once again we see that is just is not possible to fix stupid

A long time ago when I was a kid there was a TV show called the Littlest Hobo starring a dog named London. Well it looks like London's legacy continues... 

Well it's time for me to get my butt in gear so that's it from up here, North of Disorder.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A shiny or two

Just got back from the semi big city. It was one of those kill "several birds with one stone" trips. My lovely wife had an appointment and I wanted to get an item in town so we merged our resources and took the drive.

Stop one was to let my lovely lady off at where her appointment was and carry on my merry way. Stop two was to visit Cabela's and pick up a new shiny for "Da boys politically incorrect weekend" a trip I will be on in a few weeks. I'll be heading north to the middle of nowhere Ontario where I will spend four glorious days pretending to ice fish. 

Being the rough outdoors type I am, I'm bringing my personal confuser, a DVD player and a thirty two inch TV. To power all this I will also be bringing my little 98 pound Yamaha 2600 watt generator. The easiest way to move the generator around will be on my new shiny, an ice sled. Last year my bro-in-law P brought his generator and an ice sled so I already know how well this combo works. 

I've been meaning to pick a sled up for a while now but the cost held me back. At Cabela's the cheapest one was listed at $49.99 plus tax and I figured for a hunk of plastic this was a little much. My game plan was to hold off till February and if the sleds were not on sale by then I would forget about buying and go to plan be, borrow one. 

This morning I just happened to get the email flyer and sure enough there was the sled at $29.99 and  I could even hitch a ride with my wife. Once I was at the cash the lady rand up the price as $49.99 which I quickly corrected with the use of my smart phone and then internet.  Then I was off to refresh our stock of coffee and pick up my wife. 

On the way home there was one other stop to make and that was to pick up an item I ordered from Amazon, a bipod for my MVP. Of course the ten year old took control of me when I entered our domicile. I just had to mount the bipod on the rifle even though it will be a few more months until I get to the range. 

Today's links
It is going to be interesting when the reality of the kind of job losses in the not so United States becomes clear to The Donald. It really isn't jobs going to other countries, it's automation.

In Chicago only the bad guys and the police have guns, but I repeat myself... 

Here is a suggestion that is just to smart so of course it will not be done. 

With the protectionist attitude of the new folks in Washington this brought a smile to my face for the the irony. 

You know maybe if the price does come down buying these could be a good deal. 

Maybe we have hit peak oil... 

Well until tomorrow that's all from me North of Disorder.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The sound of ice...

Earlier I stepped outside to look at the extent of the ice on the trees. The first this that struck me was not the visual effect of trees covered in ice but rather the sound. With ever little breeze the tree limbs move and with that movement come a crinkling sound. As sounds go this almost feel ominous. 

The weathertainers had predicted the temp would rise a bit and the freezing rain would turn to simple rain. The weathertainer's prognostication didn't happen. The temp stayed constant and the freezing rain turned to freezing drizzle. 

Lucky for us there is nothing on the agenda which calls for our leaving the nest. The important things on my list are to have a bit of lunch then get to resume my work cleaning out the basement. Who knows, since the plow guy has been by and put some sand on the street I may just slide on down to our mail box. Today may just be the day I get a letter saying when the rock in my kidney will be taken care of.

Today's links
Life imitating art? Art predicting the future? You be the judge... 

The Central Intelligence Agency just managed to up stage wikileaks by making a data dump of it's own. Twelve million files on line for your viewing pleasure.

One of the places in the not so United States that an armed robber is ill advised to rob is a gun shop

Another step on the way to having Doctors armed with a Star Trek style medical Tricorder. Add in this little function and now we're talking some pretty cool stuff. 

In a little more than one day Mr. Obama will be gone.  It turns out that Obama's legacy isn't "Yes we can" it's more the twilight of American power

Now the American Republicans under Ryan on the other hand are just full of surprises and this has the gang in the Alberta oil patch worried. Paul Ryan's proposal should be worrying everybody but never fear, according to the Conference Board of Canada everything's fine. 

So far as Trump's coming reign I think the only one who actually has a handle on what may happen is Gwynne Dyer who says we all should take a Valium.

That's it for now, I'm off to resume my duties as a seller dweller cleaning up the mess I made.  So long from up here North of Disorder.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Ice, a pretty cool thing

I finally got to see a movie I was wanting to see called The Arrival last night. Lucky for me the movie lives up to it's expectations. Funny thing about it was noticing some of the scenes that were in the promos but not in the flick. It was a... ahem... thought provoking movie nevertheless. 

All is right with the world
When I finally turned out the lights last night the weathertainers were prognosticating a TEOTWAWKI ice event. The warnings were serious enough that my wife had even rescheduled two appointments she had for today. When I woke up this morning I was happy to see that, aside from a little ice on some of the tree branches and the windows of our truck, it was life as normal. The heat was working, the power was on and life was good. 

What didn't happen today
Funny thing about the weathertainers they are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one side if they don't put out the warnings and something happens they are crucified. One the other side when the do put out the warnings and nothing happens they are crucified. Add to this that as a part of the news organization which the bean counters have decreed shall make a profit and you have the perfect storm (pun intended) of media embellishment.

Today's links

A while ago a person at a Gay Pride parade was taken out by a drone that crashed into her. Time passes... Latest word is that the drone operator has been smacked in court for his incompetence. 

If you are a science fiction geek like me I'm sure you have heard the command "deflectors up." Well the command "deflectors up" might not be in the realm of science fiction for too much longer. 

I read this and was surprised Washington DC wasn't on the top of the list

Good news for farmers in California who, under law, have to reduce the amount of methane created by their cows.  

And this is what the Canadian military wanted to buy? Overpriced junk

The British wants a simple out from the EU while the folks in Germany say good luck with that. 

Here at home the natural ruling party is seeing a downwards trend in support

I have often wondered how a little thing like making a tweet can make such an impact. Well I guess if the twit doing the tweet is Trump it's self explanatory. 

I'm going to really have to get out and check my lottery tickets, who knows I might win just enough to make a bid on one of these.  

Say... isn't this the way one of the planet of the apes movies started

So you really don't like the way your boss meters out punishment? Well it could always be worse

And here we have one last link that I dedicate to my big bro W who is a computer Luddite.

That's enough for me from up here North of Disorder.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Curtain of Death

Cover art shamelessly stolen
Yesterday was a nice peaceful time that started with my getting up late. When I say late I mean even later than normal, sometime way after 11 to be exact. Even with getting up as late as that I had only managed to get around 5 hours of sleep. I know you are asking yourself what's up with that old night owl?  Well the blame squarely falls on the shoulders of one W. E. B. Griffin

A few days ago I started to read the third book in his Clandestine Operations Series, Curtain of Death. This series takes place at the end of the second world war, at the very beginning of the CIA. It was around midnight when I found myself wide awake with only two hundred or so pages to go so I thought the hell with it and plowed on. I finished the last page at sixteen minutes to four then, of course, I had to lay there a while until my brain shut off and I could go to sleep. 

Yesterday getting up as late as I did plus being as lethargic as I was, very little got done. The only thing of note was getting some info on the up coming ice fishing adventure. Jeez getting that info was like pulling teeth. I had forgotten to write down the dates of the trip so I sent an email to friend F who replies with a non reply. Then I texted my bro W who says I should already know and "who are you anyway?". So I established my bonafides, gave him a lame story (admit I screwed up? I don't think so.) and he gave me the information. Now the only thing on my mind about the trip is the inevitable unintended consequences. One thing I learned a long time ago is if toy want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.  Oh well, we shall overcome.

Today's Links
Looks like the snitch line Crime Stoppers may be dealt a serious blow. Just remember kids, if you're gonna snitch there could be repercussions and if you are not willing to face then then don't snitch.

Not only is Big Brother watching you it looks like Little Brother is all set to get in on the action

Looks like Little Trump wants Canada to take another step towards having the best government money can buy

Adding these three things together: minding your own business, plus trying to get into your own car, plus being black,  yep that's a beating and an arrest

 Seeing things like this and this makes me wonder what's coming next. Time to go get the tinfoil hat and think about this.

Since I already have my tinfoil hat on I can say that this doesn't surprise me at all.

If it had not been for the fact I know how they train their animals (how do you get an elephant to kneel? With backhoes.) I would have been sorry to see these guys go. As I have said before, if you want to go see animals live without the expense of flying to the far coroners of the world, visit here.  

That's all I got for now from up here North of Disorder.    

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Blog resums tomorrow

I had a very late night so the blog will resume publication on Monday. Until then here's a pretty picture.