Friday, 28 April 2017

Diffrent day same thing...

The alarm chirped in my ear this morning and being the caring husband I am I gave my lovely wife a nudge and told her it was time to rise and shine. She was the one who wanted the alarm to be early not me so I made her get up first. We were up a little earlier than normal because, yet again, there was a doctor's office to visit. The difference this time was that eyes were the specialty for this Doctor. 

Within an hour it was shower, shave and shove off time for the two of us.

Another day, another Doctor's office... sigh.
Once we were at the eye doc we settled in. There we were me reading the news on my cell and my wife looking at various girly magazines and reading the signs. I have to say these posters looked a lot better than checking out male genitalia. First my wife and then I were called in for the tests. These tests are for things like glaucoma which was fine, then it was in to the office to see if new lenses were needed. After this the Doc wanted a look inside the eyes so it was time for those damn drops. After that was done I switched to shades and boy I was happy to have had those sunglasses with me  

It was a good news bad news visit. On the good side the cataracts I have are not progressing rapidly so no need for worry there and my vision is actually improving. On the bad side the prescription has changed so I needed new glasses. This time I'm simply going to recycle the old frames by ordering new lenses and having them installed. I'm also doing this with the shades. My wife is same old, same old with her glasses so I'm the one costing the bucks. We were laughing over lunch about how times have changed. When we were still working this visit would've been six or seven hundred bucks each. Back then it was important to have the latest styles so even with no changes we would have had new glasses, well those days are gone. 

On the drive home as we passed a friend's house my wife noticed our buddy B was outside so we swung in for a quick visit. His wife S was inside so we went in and chatted for a while. It's always good seeing people you haven't seen in a while and these two are ones we have missed seeing. My wife is very fond of S and I think B is one of the guys that fit the very definition of cool. Now that hibernation season is over and done we will be seeing more and more old friends. 

Well I'm home now and there are things to do so I will end this right here. Blogging resumes on Monday, until then have a good weekend and bye for now.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Deja vu all over again

The trip into town was nice with the tunes playing in the truck and all the windows down. The only thing missing was the wind whistling through my hair. That would be hard to do since I'm all but bald. Let's just say that most newborns have more hair on their heads then I do on mine. 

Nothing like waiting in a
Doctor's office and
looking at male genitalia.
When I got to the Doc's place I parked and went in and it was Deja vu all over again. I was a couple of minutes early and sat twiddling my thumbs for a half hour. Bad day on their part with computer issues and such. I went in and when the Doc appeared I asked the only question on my mind, what was the final result of the procedure? Drum roll please... he looked me in the eye and said the words I really didn't want to hear, the stone had not broken up or moved. Damn. So in a few weeks I'm off to the big city hospital to get zapped again. Hopefully this time will be the charm. 

When I got home I admit I was a little down in the dumps about this development, or lack thereof. To take my mind off things I took all the interior windows off and stored them away in the basement. Then I changed the air filter on the furnace. All the while thinking about the stone. I figure it is what it is, the stone will be destroyed on the next go round or it will not. No matter the result, life will go on.   

That's it for today, I'll post again tomorrow. Bye-bye...

The Swallows of Capistrano...

This morning began with nice warm sunlight streaming in through the window. I was up early having crawled out at the crack of nine because there were things to do, places to go. Today I learn how much, if any, of the accursed stone in my left kidney has broken up, moved or done zip. However there were some things I needed to do before seeing the Doc.  

After turning my self into a passable member of the human race I dressed and went to the hospital for an x-ray picture. Once again I asked to take a look only to be told there was an issue of privacy. I didn't bother to let her know how silly that was, I just smiled and took my stuff, changed and left.

The nice thing about today is that for the first time in ages I'm out of jeans and into shorts. Ah spring is sprung... Of course no nice weather can go unpunished. The weathertainers have issued a severe thunder storm warning for our area. The end of the world should happen around dinner time.

Soon the leaves will be out, the dock will be in and,
like the the Swallows of Capistrano, the tourists
will return, damn...

This afternoon I'm going back into town to see the Doc and find out what the next steps in the road to be rid of the kidney stone are. At that time I will have the chance to have a look at my little monster. I'll blog again when I get home this afternoon so until then stand by for action. 

Bye for now

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Coffee run...

I just got back from a trip to the wannabe big city. The original game plan was to do some work in the garden and on the lawn today but it was overcast and I really didn't feel like it. My wife got invited over to one of the neighbours for tea so rather than sit on my hands or play tiddlywinks, I grabbed the truck keys. 

The trip down to and back from the coffee place was mostly uneventful. 

One of the area farms.

On the way down and back I noticed another strong sign that it's spring, the cyclists are out and about. I came across one who was pretending he was driving a car as opposed to being off to the side in the children's area. Eventually he got out of the way and I was able to resume driving at the posted speed limit. I'm not a fan of these guys because they tend to be so holier then thou. A note here to all those who own and ride bikes. I don't have anything against you so long as you remember this one thing when you are riding. It's not the brightest thing to piss off the guy in control of two tons of screaming death who has the option of turning that two tons of screaming death into a weapon. The law may be on your side but in the end all that means is you will be dead right. 

The kind of bikers I like, off to the side not being a pain.

One thing I love about going to the coffee place is the aroma that smacks you right in the nose when you enter the shop. The folks who work there are in the unfortunate position of being nose blind to the coffee smell which is a shame. I got the same stuff I normally do as opposed to my wife who is a little more adventurous than I am. had a little chat with the lady behind the counter then hauled butt for home. 

This is where our coffee comes from. It's so much
better then the stuff you get at the big box stores.

The homeward trip was as nice as the trip in with only a few encounters with the bike people. The only thing that could have made the ride a little better would have been some blue sky. I ain't complaining mid sixties and no snow sure beats a foot on the ground an minus ten any day.

Well now that I'm home it's time to grab a bite and relax. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.   

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A rainy day in April

We managed to get a lot done yesterday. I cleared up a lot of the leafs and other assorted debris from around the big pine and from the front of the smaller garden. One lucky thing was finding the pin I had lost the day before. I had fears that one of these days I would hit it with the lawn mower. My wife is showing a lot more resilience than I thought she would. I know with the back issues she has she is always in pain but she managed to clear out all the crap from the little garden. 

My little workhorse behind which is the little garden
where my wife has been toiling.

Today the clouds have moved in and a short time ago it started to rain. I'm not a fan of working outside in the rain and that goes double for my wife, Today the objective is to get the storm windows off and the screens on and I'll do that after lunch. Aside from the windows my game plan is to relax.

Goodbye until tomorrow.

Monday, 24 April 2017

It must be spring, the frogs can't be wrong

This past weekend was as nice as a guy could want. Sunny skies, mild enough for a guy to be without a jacket, all in all it was nice. We got a good start on the garden with clearing out a lot of the left over winter crap and corruption. I took numerous trips to the compost pile dragging the cart, which was full to the brim, by the lawn mower

It's nice to have a hoist so I don't have to bother
removing the deck.
The lawn tractor got a bit of babying. I had it up on the hoist and took the blades off and gave them a few passes with the bastard file. I was surprised, I thought there would be some serious dings in the blades from all the stuff I hit while cutting the lawn but they weren't in bad shape.
One of these days I'm going
to have to spring for some
real files.
After dinner last night I rounded up the trash and got it all ready. With the trash all bundled up and the recyclables sorted I muled  the stuff to the curb. While I was outside I stopped for a moment and listened to a chorus of frogs. This was a sound I had not heard since last summer and I missed it. Well if the frogs are out and sounding off it must be spring.

Well today, as per the weathertainers, is going to be a nice one so I'm going to be doing yard work. Even though I took great pains dealing with the leafs last fall there's still a lot of them on the ground.  

Will post more if anything of interest comes up otherwise I'll post tomorrow. Bye for now.

Friday, 21 April 2017


Late in the day yesterday I finally thought to check the phone for any voicemails. I did this as I normally do, by remote control. The technique was simple, all I had to do was say "Honey, are there any voicemails on the phone?" and in a short time I had the answer and the phone in my hand. 

The first voicemail was from the folks where we get our pig and pig roast paraphernalia from. I took the risk of playing the dreaded phone tag and called the owner back. We had a delightful conversation and gave her the information she needed for the booking. The second voicemail was from our cleaning lady. She was trying to work through some logistical nightmares and asked (begged) me if it would be OK to change the date of their visit. Of course being the compassionate guy I am I said yes. 

I wonder what we did before voicemail, it's been around for so long. Heck what did we do before email, texting and all the other modern ways to communicate? Well I'm going to be gritting my teeth and making some calls over the next few days inviting some friends and family for the upcoming party. I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to leave a few voicemails of my own. 
Overcast all morning. Well at least the weekend looks good
so get out and enjoy it.
Posting will resume on Monday. Have a good weekend.